Excellence and innovation for 40 years

From 2 axis to 5 axis turning and milling

Renowned for its short lead times, use of the very latest technology, and extensive knowledge of construction materials, Pirollo Danilo has been a synonym of excellence and innovation for 40 years. A leader in the high precision machining sector, Pirollo Danilo stands out for its extraordinary ability to work with a vast range of materials: from titanium to hardened materials, and from polymers to stainless steels, the company can offer finished products of exceptional quality thanks to the experience gained over several decades in the business. Radical customisation of mechanical parts, based on customers’ drawings or samples, is backed up by the ability to handle urgent orders with lead times from as little as 24 hours up to 3 weeks and with absolute punctuality of agreed deliveries. Building on the expertise that comes from long experience and its classic ‘Made in Italy’ quality credentials, Pirollo Danilo focuses its attention on the latest developments in the sector, and organises regular internal training courses for its staff to provide a fitting response to demands from a fast evolving sector and keep pace with the latest market trends.

Innovation, Technology and Industry 4.0

Rather than a distant horizon, ‘industry 4.0’ is the here and now: machines of the latest generation with advanced software and integral Cad-Cam, permanently networked with one another and with the company ERP application and monitoring systems, allowing fast and immediate exchange of information between people and machines. The technology, which can be used from a remote location when required, also connects to the automated warehouse, allowing perfect management of raw materials and slashing procurement times. And the addition of computerised tooling coordination makes for optimal internal organisation, lean management and enhanced performance. With computerised systems and a policy of continuous reinvestment in the company, Pirollo Danilo makes the machining and transformation process competitive and innovative, guaranteeing efficiency and shortening production times, to provide a seamless response to customers’ needs.

Eco Sustainability and Lean Organisation

Quality also means respect and accountability in relation to the ecosystem: pursuing the goal of limiting and reducing its environmental impact, Pirollo Danilo has adopted an UNI EN ISO 14001 Environmental Management System to allow the implementation of specific pollution prevention strategies in every stage of the production process.


Eco sustainability has thus become a core part of the identity of a company that adopts day-to-day strategies and manufacturing process choices aimed at promoting environmental protection throughout the entire production chain in order to generate real ecological and social benefits. Raising awareness and training personnel on all environmentally related issues is combined with constant monitoring of the use of energy and raw materials and a commitment to working exclusively with suppliers with a comparable level attention to environmental themes. New machine tools of the latest generation and innovative production lines mean big savings in time and materials, allowing the business model to be developed around a lean organisation philosophy, recognising the importance of people, increasing potential and eliminating wastage and inefficiencies.

A constant improvement

Pirollo Danilo views quality as a responsibility. To offer the maximum guarantees for its products, the company uses conventional measuring instruments alongside technologically advanced equipment of the latest generation to carry out meticulous dimensional and geometric checks during the entire work cycle, with detailed final reports available on request.


Innovation is a leitmotiv and integral part of Pirollo Danilo’s production philosophy: among the first in the sector to use a certified coordinate measuring machine, the company guarantees perfectly constructed mechanical components thanks to the extreme precision and care employed throughout the machining and transformation process.


The pursuit of a path of continual improvement in the design and creation of innovative products is among the company’s goals, an aim that is monitored taking account of market parameters and customers’ expectations.


In this context, all the company’s personnel are expected to bring their individual skills to the table to assist in the drive to achieve the maximum quality, to contribute directly to maximizing the satisfaction of the customer: the true protagonist of each and every project. Interpreting customers’ needs, respecting their expectations and meeting their explicit and implicit demands: these are the core values of Pirollo Danilo’s offering of products and services, all of which developed with the utmost commitment and passion for every step of the process.

Collaboration with universities

Recent collaborations with La Sapienza University of Rome and the Engineering Faculty of Padua University in the framework of the “Formula SAE” design competition have laid the groundwork for projects aimed at innovation and constant research. These activities provide multiple opportunities to exchange ideas and interact with students, who are the focus of company initiatives aimed at sharing its mechanical engineering skills to support ever higher levels of quality. The final goal of illustrating working methods and opening lines of communication with new generations of engineers is to stimulate passion for the work and develop business culture.


The quality offered by Pirollo Danilo is acclaimed both in Italy and abroad: the company’s exceptional competence in making mechanical parts within the requested times has led to market successes in other countries, most notably Austria and Germany, where the excellence of Italian engineering is combined with exceptional efficiency in terms of logistics and rapid shipments to manufacturing facilities outside Italy.